HAHAHA I promised a reveal today and here it is! Issue 2 is happening and we have some new features including covers! Want to be part of the anthology but don’t have the time to make a full story? Just submit your cover art between next week and July 31st!
I’ll post the revised 2nd issue rules next week, so the submissions window opens then!

Boosts are appreciated!

@David_A_Webcomic Just for my calendar (and because I can't wait for the updated rules *grin*): same deadline for comic submissions?

@David_A_Webcomic Ok. :) (I must admit that I was kind of hoping that the new 31st of July deadline meant the second issue would come out sooner. ;) )

@yncke The first issue was kinda pulled outta nowhere, so I kinda need to get into a groove of publishing these things. I’ll eventually get the book to a tighter schedule.

@David_A_Webcomic Of course, no worries. I'm already happy there'll be a number two. :)

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