Hey everyone! Here's the official *official* announcement post for ! I've gotten enough interest (39 boosts can't be all that wrong) and enough submissions to legitimize this as a true project!

If you haven't submitted yet but want to, don't fret! There's still time! Submissions can be either comics or prose, it all depends on your area of expertise. This is *Tales* From The Fediverse (not *Comics* From The Fediverse) after all.

As always, boosts are appreciated!

Tentatively, writers/artists that have expressed interest in the anthology are:
@David_A_Webcomic (Me)
@AlexAloi (our first prose entry)

If I've missed anyone, lemme know!

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Do you have a webpage for said tales or will they be fediverse-only under the hashtag?

@amolith They'll be published as a .pdf. I don't know exactly how I'll distribute it *quite* yet, though.

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