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Hi there. I'm David: A Webcomic, and I have an idea.

What would happen if we gathered up as many artists from Mastodon as we possibly could and made a comic anthology?

Something great, perhaps. Something really weird, as well.

So now, I present to any MastoArtist who may be interested: a comic anthology. Perhaps Mastodon's first anthology. A gathering of the fediverse's finest in one place.

Nothing's definite right now. I'm still planning this out...

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...but, here's what I've been thinking thus far:

This thing'll be a digital zine, most likely free to anyone who wants it. Unfortunately, I can't really pay people (at least at the moment, but I'm not making any promises), I'm just kinda doing this for the total hell of it.

Comics will be anywhere between 1 to 6 pages, and if for any reason this project somehow manages to prove lucrative, these could become continuing stories. (again, not making any promises)

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I'd kinda want to keep this PG-13, so nothing NSFW, no nudity or sex, no strong language, no extreme gore, and nothing that could be considered blatantly offensive.

That being said, I can be a *bit* lenient.

I'm not looking for a specific genre. In fact, that's part of the fun! Humor, fantasy, sci-fi, ect., this'll have it all.

Fair warning: just to keep it safe, original content only!

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So, if, for some godforsaken reason, you want to be a part of this anthology, feel free to reply and/or DM me! Hell, even if you aren't interested in contributing but want to see a finished project, tell me! I kinda want to judge interest in this project before officially starting on it, but I think that this could be an amazing book!

For the record: I'm looking for maybe anywhere between 5-15 contributors, but 15 isn't a definite cap.


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So, if you want to know anything else, just DM me, and I'll gladly answer any questions you may have!

Hope to see what we can do!

-David: A Webcomic

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@David_A_Webcomic I've made something like that a couple of years ago, called the Outcast Studios Minizine: :scribus:

I had an unfinished story in it. How would you feel about it if I picked up that story to continue in your anthology?

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@yncke Unabashedly yes! That's exactly the kind of comic I'm looking for!

Now, I'm not saying "start as soon as possible" (of course, I'm only coordinating, you do you), as I'm still looking for maybe four or five (perhaps more) artists (beyond me, you're the first), but your comic will be a perfect first addition to this! I'm looking forward to it!

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@David_A_Webcomic All right!
I've got some other things on my TODO list first, but this is now on it too. Let me know if a hard deadline crops up. :)

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