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HOOKAY big thread time:
It's been one week since I announced , and in that week, I've pretty much come to terms with what I've started. With that, I can finally post everything (I think) that I've officially come up with.
In addition to the submission guidelines below, I have a few things that I forgot to mention:

When you submit, don't forget to submit an About The Author blurb about yourself!

If I make more issues, they'll come out quarterly (every three months)...

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Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

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Hi there everyone. Second time writing an intro, so let's go.

I'm David, a comics writer/artist who can also be found @David_A_Webcomic. I've been drawing comics for quite a while, and I've been posting them recently on Socel. However, Socel isn't exactly as *active* as I it to be, so I've decided to come over here and post on both accounts. Hopefully this'll work out favorably.

Just got the complete series sets of Rocko's Modern Life and Hey Arnold!, two classic shows that I've been meaning to check out for quite some time.

I... I just need about... 65 hours to watch all of it.

Heya everybody! Just a friendly reminder that the due date for is next week! If you, for whatever reason, can't make the deadline, just tell me, and don't worry, there's always next issue (if and once I announce it). If you need *just* a wee bit more time to finish, also tell me, just know that *at the very latest*, I need it in by the end of the month.

If you're not contributing, the comic'll be out on May 5th!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

I guess another part of this is mainly due to the fact that I have no idea exactly who or what to introduce. Like do I want them to be grounded in reality, like the main four, or should they be more out there, like Tiny David and Steve The Penguin? What would be their weird personality quirks that would make them fit in (or stand out from) the rest of the cast?

Gaaaaaaah the creative process is so damn nuanced.

There’s a part of me that kinda nags at me to introduce a couple of new characters into my strip just to kinda play with relationship dynamics and other quirks and plot-type things.

Yet at the same time, I feel entirely content with the six characters I already have.


Random musings: "Case Of Glass" would make an awesome:
A. concept album name
B. Horror/Thriller movie/TV show name
C. Game (Video or Board) name
D. Comic concept

Ah yes, some more neighborhood antics. Is Steve overprotective of the rest of the cast, or is he just excessively violent? The world may never know.

That is, until I figure that one out.

Is this the coolest thing ever?

it won't let me use the same option multiple times


Allrighty, my contribution for is done. :D I'm going to leave it be for a week so I can have a fresh look for the small mistakes before sending it in.

All I'm saying

is that we really


really need an official American release of the FLCL soundtrack(s).

Hey boops, I just submitted my #TalesFromTheFediverse story. Can't wait for May 5.


Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder that still exists and finished submissions are due in about two weeks! If you're contributing, just send over the finished product by the 27th (or earlier if you're already done).

If you haven't finished and might not be able to for whatever reason, don't worry! If all goes well, then I can always more issues!

Remember: Tales From The Fediverse comes out May 5th!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Here's a strip about spring but not quite spring but also basically spring. Honestly I'm impressed by how the last panel turned out.

I got nothing else to do for a few hours... AMA time! Have a question? Ask me!

(And yes, I post this as I am playing Lego Worlds on my Switch, on the go)

If you have a Switch and are looking for a good game to play, check out Lego Worlds! It’s actually an amazing game, it plays like any normal Lego game, but you can actually, like, build in it! I specifically recommend the Switch version over, say, the PS4/Xbox One and PC versions of the game because Lego Worlds *really* lends itself to the portable experience. It’s great.

What!? No, your art style can totally be an amalgamation of multiple wildly different styles! Look at mine! *I* can’t even truly put my finger on individual influences!

Heeeeey so since I won’t be doing much for a few hours, I guess I’ll host yet another ask me anything!

If ya have a question, I’ll answer it (probably)!

2K1 isn’t too bad given when it was published (2000, it was the second 2K series game). Just... just kinda wish I actually *knew* how to basket ball.

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