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HOOKAY big thread time:
It's been one week since I announced , and in that week, I've pretty much come to terms with what I've started. With that, I can finally post everything (I think) that I've officially come up with.
In addition to the submission guidelines below, I have a few things that I forgot to mention:

When you submit, don't forget to submit an About The Author blurb about yourself!

If I make more issues, they'll come out quarterly (every three months)...

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Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

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Hi there everyone. Second time writing an intro, so let's go.

I'm David, a comics writer/artist who can also be found @David_A_Webcomic. I've been drawing comics for quite a while, and I've been posting them recently on Socel. However, Socel isn't exactly as *active* as I it to be, so I've decided to come over here and post on both accounts. Hopefully this'll work out favorably.

sooner or later i need to watch through the entirety of the classic star trek shows

RE: mh (-)/fears 

mh (-)/fears 

Just updated my bio to actually have, y'know, actual information about myself instead of just a weird ramble.

yay change

Noticing that Sarah with her new hairstyle looks disturbingly similar to how I render Inklings, and I have multiple images in my head now.

late night mumbles (~) 

Hey uh I’ve always wondered if anybody outside my followers list actually regularly reads my strip.

Today, I found out that I *really* can't draw a character lying down if another is standing up in the same panel.

It just looks... odd to have two characters existing on two different axes without it looking like they're on the same part of the plane.

A three dimensional artist, I am not.

today I found out that the One Punch Man dub premieres on Saturday and honestly i'm so excited

Just a quick reminder that if you're contributing to #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 and haven't given me your work, it's due in about three weeks!

If enough of you can't make the deadline, I may just push the launch back a few weeks, so there's not any pressure or anything!

it's nice, but like at the same time, i kinda miss the rush of "oooh is it a real person this time"

i've been getting *waaaay* less follow requests after i blocked the domain that was spamming the lewd bots

Proposition to call that weird perfection grey-area in physics where something is neither touching the ground nor off it the "equilimborium"

Every once in a while, I remember that the German version of the original Tropico had straight up Lou Bega (y'know, Mambo Number 5 guy) as one of the pre-made options for the look of your presidente (I guess he was really popular in Germany).

He also contributed to the game's soundtrack (again, only in Germany).

And if that isn't the weirdest celebrity as themselves in a video game, I don't know what is.

the fediverse equivalent of viral is somewhere around 30+ boosts

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