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HOOKAY big thread time:
It's been one week since I announced , and in that week, I've pretty much come to terms with what I've started. With that, I can finally post everything (I think) that I've officially come up with.
In addition to the submission guidelines below, I have a few things that I forgot to mention:

When you submit, don't forget to submit an About The Author blurb about yourself!

If I make more issues, they'll come out quarterly (every three months)...

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Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

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Hi there everyone. Second time writing an intro, so let's go.

I'm David, a comics writer/artist who can also be found I've been drawing comics for quite a while, and I've been posting them recently on Socel. However, Socel isn't exactly as *active* as I it to be, so I've decided to come over here and post on both accounts. Hopefully this'll work out favorably.

uh I guess if today's #webcomicday, take a look at mine

it's about a buncha teens-turned-adults tryin' to do their best, I dunno how else to explain it honestly but I promise it's good, apparently

Quick li'l #TalesFromTheFediverse update: due to unforeseen circumstances, I won't be able to release Volume 7 on the 29th, so I'm delaying it a touch to June 5th.

Submissions are still open though, if you're a #writer and/or #artist and want to contribute a story and/or cover, DM me with your ideas and we'll go from there!

And a always, boosts are appreciated!

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