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[1/2] Halloween Comic

Regularly find myself thinking about how I spent 50+ hours on this despite knowing I was going to be the only person on the planet who enjoyed it...I want to be able to tap into that level of unhinged self-indulgence all the time
#MastoArt #Comic #OCs

im stuck in the comic thumbnail mines this week. But i wanna keep posting stuff here! So a little crop from verse book 3 #comics #mastoart

A large sleepover #collaboration done with fellow #WebtoonCanvas creators, including @Haruh2 , @planetspectra & @BirbsandDragons

Please check out their amazing #comics and give some love! #illustration #MastoArt

Heard it was #webcomicday , so here's a couple of my projects! First is Caltonia, a short story about a group of teens investigating the disappearances of their family, friends, and peers!

This one is a WIP and planned to launch late summer of this year! ☀️

[ #MastoArt #webcomic #originalcharacter #illustration #aliens #comics ]

people say it's #webcomicday and thus I am posting my webcomic here - it's like a shoujo but a historical horror set in eastern europe and central asia. It's also funny. Not now, but it will be. I promise. Can be read on this site or on mastodon (pinned in my profile :) )
#webcomic #MastoArt #comic #fantasy #horror

Apparently, it's .

I have for you to read: "Per'Bat" - a fantasy about the heir to the throne of a small insignificant country finding her own way by being herself - , "Travels of the SolarWind" - my sci-fi story about an Earth generation ship exploring the galaxy -, "Sarah Neslo" et al. - a scifi horror story about a Guild exorcising the demons of various alien cultures - and some bits and pieces of short stories.

See . :)

Just for fun, I took four headshots of Betini from the last two pages of my Pillowfort comic, and made them directly sequential.

I like how this feels.

You can read my comic on Pillowfort here. 32 pages so far, it's a quick catch-up. Low-fantasy almost-humans cursed with Interesting Times.

#mastoart #mastodonart #comics #webcomic

On this week’s page of Bicycle Boy, Machk and Poet traverse some long-abandoned storm drains.
🚲 | #MastoArt #BicycleBoy #Webcomic

Today is Free Comic Book day, so now's as good a time as any for a friendly reminder that all my comics are free to read all year round on my tapas: #comics #MastoArt

Gareth Sleightholme is a freelance artist who creates incredibly detailed and spectacular art for comics, tabletop RPGs and other purposes, often with a fantasy theme. You can follow at:

➡️ @hesir

Sleightholme has a portfolio site at

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In the process of finding a font I did a little research into why I wanted an all caps font.

Turns out there are a bunch of reasons, including being easier to hand letter, easier to predict the amount of space you need, and even being faster to read, for short pieces of text.

Introduction post!

I am Nekohime, a genderfluid artist with synesthesia! My full-time project is "Across Your Shattered Sky"
✨ LGBT+, 18+ themes, autistic MC
✨ Polyam, slow burn
✨ Other socials ~

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This didn't actually happen, but my tablet heats a lot, especially here in Brazil's summer. So I think one day it may burn itself to ashes.

#MastoArt #Comic #Webcomic

I'll be kicking off next weekend's #ComicInvasion festival in Berlin with watching "No Straight Lines – The Rise of #Queer #Comics" at the Babylon Kreuzberg cinema on Friday night.

Come early and you can also browse through a Pop Up Exhibition and a Mini Comic Market, with a selection of #Berlin's finest queer comics! ✏️🌈​ ​

Movie tickets:

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