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I'll be kicking off next weekend's #ComicInvasion festival in Berlin with watching "No Straight Lines – The Rise of #Queer #Comics" at the Babylon Kreuzberg cinema on Friday night.

Come early and you can also browse through a Pop Up Exhibition and a Mini Comic Market, with a selection of #Berlin's finest queer comics! ✏️🌈​ ​

Movie tickets:

It was my birthday this week! 🍰 And the best gift you can give me is checking out Sombulus! It's my comic series about magic scavengers, lady paladins, long-lost goddesses & curious inventors!

🎉Buy the books:
🥳Read it free in webcomic form:

#MastoArt #webcomic #comics

one of my favourite characters is Beaverley, who is a ... beaver preoccupied with woodworking, and as this strip proves, we're not averse to a bad pun either

(also note the miniature moog theremini, love it)


HamsterBandit Industries Is A Cooking Blog Now

(This is the good stuff, baby. What makes this harsh world worth every moment.)

CW: Food

#comics #webcomics #TraditionalArt

Today: Something about sadness or euphoria, man (Language and suggestive content warning)

:heart_sp_bi: It's introduction time! :heart_sp_bi:

I'm Spectra, solo creator of the webcomic Latera. Polyam romance, drama, and a mirror realm? YEH BOI! ✨

▶️ You can find all my links here:

#MastoArt #art #meettheartist #webcomic #comic #clipstudiopaint #krita

Sloth and Manatee can celebrate #mermay right? Since manatees used to get mistaken for them and all - and Sloth, well, is Manatee's friend

#sloth #manatee #portrait #mastoart #comic #drawing #fediart #creativetoots #pretty #friends

This webcomic editor has been tricky to build but seeing it finally working is such a joy (a work in progress)

I wish I could quit my day job and just make this into a usable tool for everyone. Perhaps someday.

#webcomic #dev #vuejs #animation #storyboard

I got this paper texture from @welshpixie and Abe approves, it looks really good 😄 Thank you again for providing the material :squee:

#comics #DigitalArt #MastoArt

Reminder that I'll be recording this interview TOMORROW! So get those questions in ASAP!


This month on the podcast, I'll be interviewing, the writer of the brand new Unico manga that's being Kickstarted RIGHT NOW! Want to ask Samuel any questions? Leave a comment, or send an email to the podcast! More details here:


Do you publish #comics or #webcomics or #art on a #wordpress site? I do and I've got a phone/scroll friendly setup that is the result of a WHOLE lotta trial/error and doesn't use exotic plugins - so thought I'd describe my setup here in case its helpful. Please let me know any questions!

First up, here is an example of a comic on my site. You can see it scrolls vertically:

#tutorial #howto #publishing #creativetoots

One other #protip since I'm full of this stuff today:

When you put up #comics or #art in a post, it's a good idea to include some identifying info like a URL and your name embedded in the graphic. Graphics get "divorced" from their context all the time, and you want people to know it's yours/find you.

Sincerely, a cartoonist whose panels have millions of uncredited views on the bird and face sites. Bleh.

#copyright #creativetoots #mastoart

some random WIP panels! ✌️

from my comic "The Lizard Prince" for the upcoming anthology "Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: South America" by Iron Circus Comics

#mastoart #art #comics

Old Dame Ladycat.

I recently wrapped up a 10-year run on the CPTN SRSLY comics project, through which I teamed up with a school district in SE Michigan to create a comic story for every grade from K-10. The stories and characters aged up with each grade. Here's a snippet from the 8th grade book, where the new heroes recruit the help of the now old Dame Ladycat.


#MastoArt #comics #CatsOfMastodon #clipstudiopaint

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