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Im working on my first actual gay comic 👭 and so close to finishing it !!!! wish me luck !! #wip #comics

Hello, @turtlestory!

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting settled.

Welcome to camp! ⛺

Hey everyone! Here's the official *official* announcement post for ! I've gotten enough interest (39 boosts can't be all that wrong) and enough submissions to legitimize this as a true project!

If you haven't submitted yet but want to, don't fret! There's still time! Submissions can be either comics or prose, it all depends on your area of expertise. This is *Tales* From The Fediverse (not *Comics* From The Fediverse) after all.

As always, boosts are appreciated!

comic sketches 

Well, everyone, this little pet project of mine has a name now: Tales From The Fediverse!
If you want to be a part of this anthology or help out in any way, shape, or form, reply or DM me!

If you don't think you can help, give us a boost!

An Idea (Boosts Appreciated) (1) 

I'm still sick, but I'm trying to make some quick comic strips for fun. These guys are from the second chapter of my comic.

Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.


New custom emoji: Art programs 

It's February 1st, Campers! ⛺ You know what that means?

It's ! Draw a tiny, sketchy comic about your day every hour, and post if for us all to see. It's great practice, and a wonderful way to get to know your fellow comic artists!

No artistic skill is needed to participate, btw! Stick figures are just as much fun as anything else. Browse the hashtag for inspiration! :masto_comic: ✍️

Hi! Long time no see! I'm actually working on another comic, but I don't have enough of it done to feel comfortable posting it yet. But, I DID do a wallpaper commission for Lordran and Beyond. (

So here is Gwyndolin, taking a short rest from dutifully watching over Lord Gwyn's coffin.

A follow up on last week's strip. The main three actually as DnD characters.

Hello, Campers! Today I'm going to talk a little bit about :fediverse: Federation.

We're a small instance; there's <30 of us! That means that if you check out a thread or a person's profile from ComicsCamp.Club you might notice some toots missing; either a conversation looks to be very one-sided, or someone's profile who has been around a long time might look empty.

This is because ComicsCamp.Club only "sees" the parts of the Fediverse we're already connected with. Let me explain! 1/7

@CampCounselor i am completely enamored with Within. im not a big comic reader but this work has me fascinated.

It's a surreal slice of life about a dude with a shady job, bad dreams and a beautiful friendship

oh dang. today is a good day to read one of my comics set in a nuclear winter chicago:

i just read it again recently and its more bizarre and imparsible than i remember 👍

For this week's I'm going to recommend "Dreamless" by Bobby Crosby and Sarah Ellerton:

What happens when you go to sleep and– instead of dreaming– you see the life of someone else through their eyes?

I remember it very fondly, though I haven't read through it in a while. It's a single finished story, so you don't have to worry about a 5,000 page archive and an endless hiatus. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday, Campers!

How about we try something new? I hereby dub today ! WebcomicsWednesday is a day to share your favourite webcomics, whether they're new, old, your your own! ☺️

What webcomic has grabbed you recently? Which webcomic do you remember fondly? Why not promote your own webcomic a little? Then check out the tag to discover something new!

Let's show webcomics some love! :camp_mascot: 💚

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