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#WebcomicWednesday I heard of this tag goin’ around, so I figured I’d give it a try!

I’m the author of a fantasy/sci-fi comic named Interlude, it’s the story of a dragon who was once used as a weapon trying to find a new way in life.

Read it here:

@CampCounselor One I can recomend is Ryan Makes Mistakes by Ryan Estrada -

Ryan Made Mistakes is a semi-complete, quasi-chronological collection of the near-death decisions that its creator Ryan Estrada has made. All these stories are, unfortunately, true.

Happy Wednesday, campers! :masto_comic:

You know what that means? It's time for another !

Is there a webcomic you've enjoyed recently? What's your favourite webcomic ever? Why not post about your own webcomic and give it some love?

Toot your webcomic wisdom with the tag and share it with the :fediverse: Fediverse today!


Hello, Campers!

Just a heads up that your friendly @CampCounselor is going to be away for a week or so starting today. This shouldn't affect everyday operations, but may mean I'll be slower to answer questions, deal with reports, and other things.

I'll be back soon! Have lots of fun in my absence. :camp_counselor:

Hello Comics Campers! ⛺ 💚

I wanted to give you all the heads up that ComicsCamp.Club will be returning to Invite Only sometime in the near future. This means people will no longer be able to "request registration" from our Instance Homepage; they will require an invite from a current ComicsCamp.Club member in order to register an account here.

This is so we can let our community grow organically through word of mouth. Don't be afraid to invite your friends!

looking for colorful digital portraits of our team members. watercolor, colored pencil, or vector/wpap style preferred. DMs open.

#commissions #artistforhire

Happy Wednesday, Campers!

Today I took the initiative to preemptively block the two Gab domains I know about (.com and .ai) before they switch their software over to Mastodon in July.

Hopefully this means we won't see a lick of them when they enter the :fediverse: Fediverse.

I'll continue to block all future Gab domains as I become aware of them.

Take care!

Let's keep the #WebcomicsWednesday thing going. Plum, In a world much like our own, fruit stacking has become the world’s most popular sport…and a young boy named Plum will become that’s sport most beloved underdog - @CampCounselor

@mpiccolino Hello! You are more than welcome to join us. :) Visit and fill out the form for a new account, and I'll be sure to accept it! ⛺ :camp_counselor:

OK, what #comics are people reading recently? I just started reading on Web Toon, but also got a bunch of books recently too. Let's talk about what we're reading!

I LOVE the new Sonic The Hedgehog IDW series. I just got the first two trades. They look as good as Sonic comics ever have. Very pleased!

I also just started Animosity, which is like a sentient animal apocalypse and it seems great. (

Also read volume 1 of Space Boy, and like that a lot too.

@comicsbyemily Yeah, me too! It only minimizes favourites and boosts, so it lets you quickly see the more pressing info. ☺️

All right, the poll is over, and we had zero votes against it, so I went ahead and added the condensed notifications CSS for our instance. You might have to refresh your web client to see the changes.

I'll check back in with y'all in about a week to see how we all feel about the change! :da_w00t:

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Good evening, Campers!

The awesome @mawr from posted some custom CSS with which we can minimize the size of toots in our notification windows on a per-instance basis. To see what that looks like check out this toot here:

So my question is: Do you want me to try it out here at ComicsCamp.Club? We can trial it for a week or so and see how we all feel afterwards. :camp_counselor:

Have you ever drawn something random in your comic that later became so nice that all your friends are making memes about it? In my comic it was the sheep.

Today I found this sheep keychain at store and it allowed me to entertain my readers from my webcomic's discord server.

Hey, me and Kiku Hughes have made our pacrim zine from last year available as a pay-what-you-want pdf! Enjoy, dudes. ✨🦎🤖

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