@autumn Yeah, I definitely don't mind paying for the upgraded plans! Hugo should have had us pay more ages ago, for sure, and I'd be glad to continue to support him.

But this would be a convenient time to make the switch to Hometown, so I'm gauging interest. Looks it's the winning choice so far!

@yncke :da_cuddle:

Yeah, if I understand it correctly, migrating over shouldn't be too difficult and should retain our current community and data? But I'm still waiting on a reply from Spacebear on how migrating would work. Once I know, I'll get back to y'all. ^^

But yeah, I'm excited about the extra features! (They should be in vanilla Mastodon, imo!)

@whalefall Yeah! I've been thinking about moving us over to a hometown fork for a while now, this is just a good kick in the pants to do it. Just waiting for my users' input before I pull the trigger. ^^

@jectoons Of course! It's pretty much just Mastodon, just with a couple added features. All the federation stuff would remain the same, and migrating over should be a rather quick and painless experience with no data loss. ^^

Some added info:

Here's the Hometown Fork github page so you can read up on the changes from vanilla Mastodon yourself: github.com/hometown-fork/homet

You can also check out Spacebear.ee's Hometown hosting options here: federation.spacebear.ee/softwa

Lastly, here's Masto.Host's blog post explaining the new price points for their service: masto.host/the-times-they-are-

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So, here's where I gather your input: Which would you prefer I do?

I have a little under 30 days to make a decision, and I would really love to hear your opinions!

Thank you everyone! :camp_counselor:

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Mainly the changes to toot character size limits; I'd love to have a little extra breathing room with toot size. 500 characters is much better than what Twitter offers, but it still feels a little claustrophobic sometimes! I'd love to have the option to increase it.

I don't know if our community would get much out of Local-only posting, but I would love that feature on Mastodon in general.

So this *would* be a convenient time to switch to Hometown at Spacebear.ee if we were to do that.

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Some considerations:

Hugo at Masto.host has been an amazing host to us for five years now. Our instance has run so smoothly, and he grandfathered our plan on the old price-point for so long. I'm so indebted to his hard work and generosity. Without him we wouldn't have this community. So I am happy to pay the extra expense.

But Hugo doesn't provide a Hometown fork option, but it comes with some added perks, some of which I've been wanting to have here for a while now.

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Hello my lovely Campers!

A heads up: like a few other MastoAdmins who host through Masto.host, I received an email recently telling me that our instance is over the limits at our current hosting plan.

This means one of two things:

1. I upgrade our hosting plan with Masto.host, which ups the cost from £5/mo to $30 USD/mo

2. I do what I was thinking about doing a few months ago and migrate over to a Hometown installation through Spacebear.ee's hosting service.

I'd love to hear your input!

Art people, what drawing apps/programs are you using lately?
It's Clip Studio for me and I'd probably be all into Procreate if I had an iPad.

I noticed I do this thing where when the characters are having an emotionally heavy conversation and I'll start describing some background element in inappropriate levels of detail.

My beta readers were both like "is this a metaphor? this feels like a metaphor" but now that I've done it again in another book I'm like...oh wait, no, this is because this is how /I/ deal with emotionally heavy conversations, lmao.

So maybe it'll work for you if you also don't really know... (1/2)

Random Vignettes 1 - 4

1. Plot twist: It's both
2. Make it last
3. Saw this kid throwing rocks and their actions spoke to me
4. Chickens.

Hello @jectoons!

Thank you for signing up and joining us in our little community! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting settled.

to camp! 🏕️

Hello! I am an animator and illustrator and I like making comics and other stuffs!

All the stuff I do is , usually under Creative commons Attribution [CC-BY] license (unless otherwise stated), so feel free to share, remix, download and do whatever you please with my work!

At the moment I am creating a bunch of non-sequitur random comics called "Random Vignettes" (fittingly). Hope you enjoy it!

Happy to be here! :awesome: :dance_cool_doge:

Hello @tejas!

Thank you for signing up and joining us in our little community! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting settled.

to camp! 🏕️

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