Hello Comics Campers! ⛺ 💚

I wanted to give you all the heads up that ComicsCamp.Club will be returning to Invite Only sometime in the near future. This means people will no longer be able to "request registration" from our Instance Homepage; they will require an invite from a current ComicsCamp.Club member in order to register an account here.

This is so we can let our community grow organically through word of mouth. Don't be afraid to invite your friends!

Happy Wednesday, Campers!

Today I took the initiative to preemptively block the two Gab domains I know about (.com and .ai) before they switch their software over to Mastodon in July.

Hopefully this means we won't see a lick of them when they enter the :fediverse: Fediverse.

I'll continue to block all future Gab domains as I become aware of them.

Take care!

Happy Friday my lovely Campers! :camp_counselor:

You may have noticed some changes lately… that's because yesterday @mastohost updated our instance to v2.8.0!

There are some exciting changes in this version including:
— Polls
— Featured hashtags on your profile
— A new landing page for our instance
— New options for managing followers
— And more!

More on the changes here: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/04/

Keep being awesome, campers! :heart_sp_pride:

New instance block 

Hello, Campers!

Just a quick note to tell you I've suspended the Misskey instance xn--6r8h.tk for racism and harbouring Nazis. This instance will no longer federate with us.

Take care!


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