If you read all that, campers, then you've definitely earned your Hashtag Badge! :da_boogie:

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If you've read the entirety of this thread I think you've earned your Federation Badges. :camp_mascot: :fediverse:

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If you're on such a large instance you benefit from the connections other users on your instance have made; you "see" the connections made by others in your Local/Home/Federated timelines, in conversations, in profiles, etc.

But with small instances this is trickier… we don't have thousands of users making tens of thousands of connections with other instances. That's why we, with only 25 users (as of this post), are only currently "connected" to 2728 of .social's 289,603 accounts. 3/7

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The art is by @Rheall.

If you want to come up with your own version of a ComicsCamp.Club mascot please do! I can switch them out from time to time. :mastodance:

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Reposting Pat Race on Twitter: "Hi. Comics Camp. This is your reminder that applications are due Dec 15th. We can offer some limited financial aid so no excuses not to apply: minicon.alaskarobotics.com/com "

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is one of the best creative experiences you could ever give to yourself. Give it a shot!

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Kristen Haas Curtis (@hellomizk@twitter.com) made this wonderful comic about ways to shake up your auto-bio routine— or a fun way to start one if you've always wanted to! Take a look, and maybe give it a try. :) Use the hash-tag if you do!


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I mentioned the privacy settings and content warnings in a previous toot, but I haven't mentioned the image crop feature!

When you upload an image, if you mouse-over the thumbnail you'll see a "Crop" option in the top right. Clicking it will allow you to select the "focus" of the crop; that way, you can prevent the thumbnail of a tall character from centring on the character's crotch (unless you want that, of course).


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