Hello @jectoons!

Thank you for signing up and joining us in our little community! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting settled.

to camp! 🏕️

@CampCounselor @jectoons

Again, thank you for the invite.

I'm actually working on some stuff & will post it soon.

In the meantime, I hope you and others enjoy my posts from other people's work incl. Ed Gorey, Jaiden Animations, Simon's Cat, Charles Schultz's Peanuts etc 💜 :heart_pride:

@CampCounselor @jectoons

Actually, I do have a question. On the upper right corner, just before you post, there is a
laughing smileyface as an icon for emojis. I didn't see emojis the full lgbtqia spectrum. I saw the newpride heart and a trans flag but I didn't see eveyone else ( intersex, aro, ace, polyamorous, genderfluid, genderqueer, nonbinary, pansexual, afab, lesbian, bisexual, etc)

Is there another emoji set in the settings that i can't find?

@Antisapien @CampCounselor Hi! I don't know if I'm tagged by mistake, but if you scroll down the emoji list you find these. I hope that helps :)

@jectoons @CampCounselor

Just a minute....

Yes. I see them now


The nextquestion is, how can I make it easier to post more than one emoji? What happens is I need to post more than one, but as soon as I choose one, the entire menu fobs off. That means for each emoji, I have to go back to the smile icon and start over. Is there a way around that? Thanx

@Antisapien @CampCounselor You can start typing a colon (:) and then some words.

For pride emojis it seems that if you type :heart_ a menu will pop up and you can select.
:heart_bi: :heart_gq: :heart_is: etc. :)

@Antisapien @CampCounselor Do you mean to type this in your bio? Because I don't know if the menu will pop up there. In that case you can open the emoji list and hover over the pride emojis and learn their code, and type them. They will appear once your bio goes live. :)

@jectoons @CampCounselor

I'm glad you asked that. I couldn't figure out how to get the :heart_pride: in my display name.

They only way I could emojis in the bio or the metadata was to use the emoji from my keyboard.

But I do need to use more than one emoji for posts (sorry, not into calling them toots or boosts)

@Antisapien @CampCounselor In that case you can just write the emoji here and then select the actual image. So for example if I wanted to add
:cc_by: to my name, I could copy the image from this text once it's posted and then paste it on my username. I think that should work.

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