Hello, campers!

After much discussion, I think the hashtag I'm going to recommend for talking about comics stuff, whether it's WIPs, scripts, story ideas, thumbnails, panel compositions, dialogue balloons, pacing, etc. is going to be:

Use that hashtag whenever you talk about making your to connect with a wider community of comic and narrative art creators in the :fediverse: Fediverse.

Keep being awesome, campers! ⛺

If you want to keep a better eye on this hashtag so you can participate in the community, don't forget that you can pin a hashtag to your list of feeds. :mastodance:


@turtlestory @David_A_Webcomic @yncke @nebulos @hannahcomb @Nakimon

Here we go! Hope this helps comics folks to connect with one another more. ☺️

Thank you all for all your help in figuring out which hashtag to use!

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