One of the peculiarities of :mastodon: is the lack of text search.

This is actually beneficial! It makes it harder for trolls to search for words or phrases for the purposes of harassment. But the con of this is that it makes it difficult for people to discover your public posts.

That's where hashtags come in! Hashtags are fully searchable/subscribe-able between federated instances, So if you want your art/comics/musings to be seen, hashtags are the best way to reach a specific audience!

With hashtags it helps to be simple, but descriptive. Try to think what terms you would use to search for content similar to what you're posting.

For example, are all great examples!

might be too descriptive, making it unlikely people will search for it. But if you want to use it to lump together all your Rainbow Knitted Socks posts, go right ahead!

Feel free to search for the hashtag yourself to see how "healthy" it is.

For artists:

are all excellent catch-all hashtags. Some people just want to see in their timelines so they subscribe to that hashtag; why not reach them?

Another thing: Lots of artists/creatives use the and tags, so I highly recommend using them as well to reach a wider audience.

Experiment and see what works! Of course, it's also perfectly fine to leave out hashtags altogether to keep your posts local. We're here for you!

You might notice that I use what's called "Camel Case" in my hashtags. That means I'm using uppercase letters for each word in the hashtag.


Camel Case makes multi-word hashtags more accessible for people who use screen readers. That, and they're simply easier to read for everyone else! I recommend you adopt it as a habit for your future posts, to keep Mastodon as accessible as possible for everyone.


If you read all that, campers, then you've definitely earned your Hashtag Badge! :da_boogie:

@CampCounselor Interesting thread, thanks. :)

Is there a rule of thumb about singular or plural for hashtags? Do I write or ?

@yncke I've struggled with this one myself! I'm not consistent, but thinking on it more I think I know which I prefer…

If people were to search for comics, they'll probably use the plural form more than the singular, so I'd default to "". Of course, using both if you don't mind the repetition isn't bad, either.

For mediums, though, I think the singular is best; "" vs. "". I suppose it depends, but trying to put yourselves in the shoes of the searcher is a good bet!

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