Happy Wednesday, Campers!

How about we try something new? I hereby dub today ! WebcomicsWednesday is a day to share your favourite webcomics, whether they're new, old, your your own! ☺️

What webcomic has grabbed you recently? Which webcomic do you remember fondly? Why not promote your own webcomic a little? Then check out the tag to discover something new!

Let's show webcomics some love! :camp_mascot: 💚

@CampCounselor All right!,

For #WebcomicsWednesday I recomend a recent found: WeirdDogs, a slice of life comic about a millenial pup.

And for remembrance, a webcomic from the past milenium, User Friendly:

#comics #webcomics

@hashRaygoza Ooo, fantastic picks! I'll put them in my "To-Read" list. :D

Webcomics Wednesday: "Puu" 

Webcomics Wednesday: "Puu" 

Webcomics Wednesday: "Puu" 

@CampCounselor One of my favorites remains Grrl Power ( Sci-fi with quite a bit of humor, impromptu breath weapons, and superheroes coming out into the public. #Comics #WebComics #WebcomicsWednesday

It is Patreon supported but not limited.

Some that I adore: - Found this one via Masto (thanks, @catcoconut for your lovely comic!), the colors and scenery are phenomenal. ( @3psboyd ) - slice of life and nerdery with many random arcs. (18+) - Long, long comic. This comic has been going so long it feels like an old friend and updates frequently. - Relatively new and fun - Jaded ex-magical girls

@CampCounselor @verdi

Super-local superhero/LGBT historic fiction. Nothing ultra-violent that I recall, but set in an earlier Golden Age of all the bigotries, so proceed with caution. (It does have plenty of levity and cute cats, though.)

@CampCounselor I have recently been enjoying "The Neighbors" by R.L. Thull which is about aliens with spooky abilities posing as humans and infiltrating a suburb, from the aliens' perspective.

@CampCounselor i am completely enamored with Within. im not a big comic reader but this work has me fascinated.

It's a surreal slice of life about a dude with a shady job, bad dreams and a beautiful friendship

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