@SunScales Aww, thanks! :D I used an awesome Procreate brush from Max Ulichney's Comics MaxPack. :) maxpacks.art/

@Rheall awesome! I'll have to check these out! Thanks!

@SunScales My pleasure! It was one of his sable brushes. :)

Here's the time-lapse video for funsies. :rainbowdance:

The original avatar/image that I used as a base was some free-to-use clipart I found online.

@Rheall Great to see, thank you for sharing.

(Starting from free-to-use clip art is an interesting trick, I'll have to remember that one.)

@yncke I feel a *little* weird about using the clip art as a base, but I was already using it as the original avatar and didn't want the new one to differ *too* much… plus it saves some time! 😅

@Rheall I don't see why you should. :)
In my opinion, it's no different than using a simple sketchup mock up as a base to get the environment right and consistent across panels.

@yncke I have to keep telling myself that! I suppose growing up as a budding artist on DeviantART where roving gangs of kids would go around publicly shaming artists who closely followed reference materials have got me a little squirrelly about it. It's ok to use reference and things to help you make art!

@Rheall Ouch. :s

I'm glad internet was close to non-existing in my youth. I got to discover how much I liked making comics before I discovered the rest of the world was so much better at it and would not hesitate to point out this fact.

I feel for all those budding artists, worrying about needing their own style, dumping projects "because it's not original enough", or as you pointed out, being chewed out for experimenting and learning. :/

Art is making what *you* think you ought to make. :)

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