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A friendly reminder that if you could see yourself enjoying a small comics/narrative art-focused social community like, feel free to send me a DM and I can set you up with an invite!

Open to any creative people who like good stories and who are kind, supportive, inclusive, and good beans all around. Come join us at Camp!

🌲 ⛺ 💚🏔️ 🌌

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Welcome fellow campers fo ComicsCamp.Club!

I'm your friendly admin, and I'm here to help you out in any way I can!

Once you've signed up feel free to add your own avatar and fill out your other info in your preferences (The Cog icon at the top left of the page). The posts of people you follow will appear in the "Home" feed, and public toots from everyone on instance will appear on the Local feed.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. Welcome to Camp! ⛺

Page four of my #FateRPG comic is up! It's probably not the "final" version but it's more done than it has ever been before!

Transcription and previous pages available on my site:

#comics #rpg #fate #mastoart #creativetoots

I came across this webcomic today, which is a trans Camelot story, I'm enjoying what I've read of it so far and it seems like the sort of thing a fair few Fedi people might like:

#webcomic #medieval #camelot

New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Furry Thoughts Pt2:

Want to see more? Drop by the site! ->

Or get strips sent right to your Inbox! ->

OR! Check out the latest strip and More over at the Patreon!! ->

#SillyVamp #Webcomics #Comics #Mastoart

Some of the digital watercolors from Baron von Bear and The Case of the Two-Faced Statue.

Learn more about this project:

#MastoArt #tortoise #clipstudiopaint #fantasy #comics

Mein neues Comic-Album erscheint bald. Ein Vorab-Exemplar habe ich bereits erhalten – und das sieht sehr seltsam aus!

My new comic book will be out soon. I got an advance-copy and it looks – strange!
#comic #art #illustration #comicart #sf #sciencefiction

Some Swim On pieces I didn't post from last year and the year before. Swim On apps close TODAY by the way, get your application in before 11:59pm EST!

Gallus Lugubrious: A self-absorbed sorcerer whose failure to gain renown is eating him up. Gallus hopes to hack the game by using the reassembled Stone Guardian to nullify the magics of other sorcerers and wizards. If he’s the only magic user, then it stands to reason that he’s the best!

Learn more about this project:

#baronvonbear #chicken #fantasy #mastoart #kidlit #comics

[1/2] Halloween Comic

Regularly find myself thinking about how I spent 50+ hours on this despite knowing I was going to be the only person on the planet who enjoyed it...I want to be able to tap into that level of unhinged self-indulgence all the time
#MastoArt #Comic #OCs

im stuck in the comic thumbnail mines this week. But i wanna keep posting stuff here! So a little crop from verse book 3 #comics #mastoart

A large sleepover #collaboration done with fellow #WebtoonCanvas creators, including @Haruh2 , @planetspectra & @BirbsandDragons

Please check out their amazing #comics and give some love! #illustration #MastoArt

Heard it was #webcomicday , so here's a couple of my projects! First is Caltonia, a short story about a group of teens investigating the disappearances of their family, friends, and peers!

This one is a WIP and planned to launch late summer of this year! ☀️

[ #MastoArt #webcomic #originalcharacter #illustration #aliens #comics ]

people say it's #webcomicday and thus I am posting my webcomic here - it's like a shoujo but a historical horror set in eastern europe and central asia. It's also funny. Not now, but it will be. I promise. Can be read on this site or on mastodon (pinned in my profile :) )
#webcomic #MastoArt #comic #fantasy #horror

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