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#Art #Comics #SciFi

Hey Y'all! I started a comic "Vorgahn the Conqueror" some years ago and I might have the opportunity to be picking it back up again! If y'all enjoy sci-fi I'd love for you to read it😚 💞 .

hey its my birthday today so please look at the newest page of my webcomic on which still nothing happens
#mastoart #comic #webcomic

#ffixgaiden update! I sure hope people aren't getting sick of the banter between Sidori and Kumo because this is a thing. It is very much a thing.

⭐ Read page 03 of Chapter 3 at:

#webcomic #fancomic #comics #ff9 #ffix #finalfantasyix #finalfantasy9

soooo late but I'm finally uploading my #comic for march! A determined snake in the sonoran desert. Slither on, little guy.

#art #mastoart #mastodraw #creativetoots #illustration #animalart

I really did try doing the math for today's #comic at one point, but I don't think this is totally accurate. #approximationmathcomics

Read this comic, which is also not totally accurate:

Almost forgot to update my comic while trying to 100% a video game :'D Today's Black Dram has an almost happy Roy!

#creativeToots #webcomics

Not going to lie, this is my favorite #sealegscomic page so far, with hopefully more to come!

Start your Friday right by reading a #webcomic:

Affinity is having a 20% off everything sale! If you're looking for software on-par with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator without the monthly subscription, I highly recommend these

it’s finally here! SPRING WITCH is a 16 page zine with illustrations and witchy information on the season ✨🌱✨

i’m soooo excited to share this with everyone, and i hope you enjoy it :blobcatmmm:

(the zine is free/pay what you want, and any proceeds will go toward my pronoun pin! 🖤)

boosts = :blobcatlove:

Cooking comic, In English tomorrow.

Prima pagina della seconda ricetta. La parte sulle lenticchie me la sono scordata, quindi devo richiederla. ^^'

Il pandan si trova nelle grandi città (se ne può fare a meno).
A Pisa ci sono negozi che lo possono ordinare ma solo in grandi quantità.

Trascrivo il testo appena ho finito l'altra pagina.

Here's a thing I made in Krita

Honestly, to me, Krita's pretty hard to use (probably because I've used Autodesk Sketchbook for so long), but there are some pretty good effect brushes.

A sketch study of a coffee mug, which is probably my favorite piece I’ve done yet. It’s basic, but it’s the first time I’ve “closed the loop”: Drawn through my forms, iterate with new paper until I’m happy with a section, repeat until I have a finished product. It was such an empowering feeling to have the entire process demystified by doing the work.

I may experiment with using Procreate to ink + color this later on, but I want to keep sketching first.

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